Scholarship Selection


There will be five types of scholarships available: America's Black Collegians Sponsor Awards, ABC Club Sweepstakes, Diversity Seekers, Personal Achievement and Community Service Awards, and an essay competition.

1. America's Black Collegians Sponsor Awards

To be objective, credible and responsive in the scholarship award process, ABC is delegating the majority of the candidate selection process to the organizations, churches and businesses that are so responsible for the progress of Black America. This group (see sponsor application below) will be most able to recognize and identify the students and candidates that can make significant contributions to our society.

Sponsors will be able to choose the award recipients based on their own criteria. In return, sponsors will be required to promote our website in their local communities. This arrangement has the dual benefit of providing scholarship support on both a local and national level and significantly increasing the efficiency of our marketing effort. We will be able to significantly reduce our advertising and promotion costs by using "word of mouth". We provide the scholarships directly to those organizations and people that support the program.

The amount of scholarship awards to each organization will depend on the total amount of scholarship funds, the allocation of funds to each category, and the number of sponsor organizations. The only cost of sponsorship is the purchase of EDUCATE BLACK AMERICA brochures for promotion and distribution. Sponsors will be guaranteed the value of their purchases as a minimum scholarship award. We expect that sponsor awards will exceed 5 (five) times the cost of brochures. These scholarships will be initially funded by advertising fees paid by corporate affiliates.Sponsors who order a minimum of 25,000 brochures can have a custom message printed on their brochures.

To enroll in the program, fill out the Sponsor application below and mail it to:

America's Black Collegians
P.O. Box 19776
Baltimore, Maryland 21225

or e-mails can be sent to The e-mail title should be Sponsor Application. The scholarship awards will be available as early as the next full sumester after the application is approved and the sponsor program has been launched. The primary criteria is that each sponsor regularly promote our website to its members, employees and customers.


Scholarship Sponsor Application

For community-based organizations, churches and groups interested in sponsoring scholarship candidates, the following information must be provided. Upon submission and verification of these materials, a determination of eligibility will be sent.

a) Name of organization, church or group, address, and telephone number
b) Purpose/Mission
c) Number of Members
d) Geographical Areas Served
e) Key Contact Person
f)  How do you propose to make your community aware of the America's Black Collegians program?

2. ABC Club Sweepstakes

Members of the ABC Club (see About Us) will be entered into a sweepstakes drawing to award scholarships. There will be a Grand Prize, several Second and Third Place awards and many consolation prizes. The number and amount of each award will depend on the size of the scholarship fund and the number of members of the ABC Club. There is no cost to enter the drawing and the only eligibility criteria is membership in the ABC Club. Major awards are made on a one time basis, limited to one per household, and transferable within the same household. The sweepstakes drawing will be done by a nationally recognized accounting firm and the results will be final. Participation is prohibited by employees of America's Black Colleges Fund, Inc., ABC Ventures, and all other suppliers and vendors of the America's Black Collegians program.

3. Diversity Seekers

These scholarshipawards have been established for students attending colleges and universities that have joined the America's Black Collegians Network on The Black Higher Education Channel at By becoming DIVERSITY SEEKERS, these schools have demonstrated their commitment to actively recruit minority students and promote a diverse, multicultural educational environment. Students who attend or plan to attend DIVERSITY SEEKERS schools and are selected to receive America’s Black Collegians scholarships will receive the DIVERSITY SEEKERS award in addition to their regular scholarship. Click <