Diversity Seekers

Diversity Seekers

Diversity Seekers are those colleges, schools, and universities that believe that learning and understanding can best be achieved in an environment that recognizes and appreciates cultural differences. Students seeking a multicultural learning experience that promotes diversity and inclusion should fully explore academic study at the "Diversity Seekers." The higher learning institutions listed below have been identified as trend setters in our national initiative to strengthen the educational foundation of Black America.

To recognize their efforts, The Black Higher Education Channel is establishing "Diversity Seeker" scholarships at each school. Awards of these scholarships will be made through the America's Black Collegians scholarship award process (details at www.am-blk-coll.com). Diversity Seekers scholarships will be supplemental funding from the awards received from America's Black Collegians.

The America's Black Collegians Network "DIVERSITY SEEKERS" are:

1. University of Pennsylvania
2. University of North Texas
3. Grove City College
4. California State University - Chico
5. California State University - Northridge
6. California State University - San Bernardino
7. University of Illinois at Springfield


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